Dominion Natural Gas,naturalgas lights to open new Dominion gas station in Halifax

Dominion Natural has announced it will open a new natural gas station at the Halifax International Airport.

Dominion Natural has a new store in the Halifax area, and will also open an additional one in Dartmouth.

The new station will be located in the terminal area at Halifax International, and the new gas station is expected to be operational in late July or early August.

This will be the third natural gas store in Halifax and the first Dominion Natural store to open in the province.

It is unclear when the new store will open or how many customers it will attract.

At the time of the announcement, Dominion Natural said the new Nova Scotia natural gas facility will be open for use beginning in September.

Read more: Dominion Natural announces new Nova Scotian natural gas gas facility in Halifax, Halifax airport, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia article Dominion natural gas is the world’s largest natural gas producer and it operates natural gas storage facilities in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

In January 2017, Dominion announced it was adding the Halifax and Dartmouth natural gas stations to its fleet.

Since then, Dominion has added the Nova Scotia facility to its existing network of natural gas facilities.

“Dominion’s Nova Scotia Natural gas facility is designed to accommodate the needs of the Dominion naturalgas market while also providing significant growth in the industry,” the company said in a statement.

What to know about Dominion natural resources:Dominion is the second-largest natural gas provider in Canada after Royal Dutch Shell.

Its natural gas reserves cover an area of 4 million square kilometres (1.3 million square miles) and it has a total of more than 1,400 gas storage properties.

Dominion has been the No. 1 natural gas supplier in Canada since 2012.

It also supplies approximately $1.5 trillion in natural gas to customers in Nova Scotias and Atlantic provinces.