How gas prices are set to rise in September

Gas prices will increase sharply next month, the New York Times reported.

The gas industry and the White House said the price increases will come from a change in the supply of natural gas from shale gas producers.

The increase in prices will come after President Donald Trump signed a federal law that will allow states to pump more natural gas into the country’s energy mix.

The price increase comes a month after the government released the final draft of the bill, which included a mandate for states to increase their use of natural-gas-fired power plants.

The bill was supposed to pass Congress in early December but has yet to receive the necessary support from both parties.

The president signed the bill into law in January and has repeatedly pledged to increase gas production, but critics say the gas bill does little to expand the nation’s gas supply.

Natural gas is used in power plants, homes and automobiles.

As part of the new rule, the EPA and the Department of Energy will review the existing natural- gas market for the first time since the end of World War II.

The rule, which will be formally introduced at a Tuesday news conference, is expected to set a benchmark price for natural-Gas that will help fuel the economy and promote jobs.