Natural gas pressure is up, natural gas odorants are down in the U.S.

Natural gas is the most abundant form of natural gas in the country, but its price has been rising steadily since its peak in 2011, with gas prices averaging about $3.70 per million British thermal units.

But prices are expected to drop this year as natural gas production continues to grow.

Natural gas companies are reporting higher gas prices this week.

Natural Gas Association of America president and CEO Scott Anderson said gas prices are currently “on track for a record low.”

Gas is cheaper than it was during peak production, Anderson said.

Gas is more affordable than other forms of natural fuel.

Anderson said natural gas prices will remain low for several years, but could rise higher if demand increases.

Natural-gas prices have fallen sharply since 2009. reported gas prices dropped 2.5% on Wednesday, according to GasBuddy.

That’s the lowest weekly average since January 2008.

Gas prices dropped 6.5%, according to data from

GasBuds data is based on a sample of gas sold on Nov. 3.

Gas-related companies have reported lower natural-gas price increases in recent weeks.

For example, prices are up 5.9% from the previous week, according with GasBuz. and are two online natural-resource-based price tracking services. is another online price tracking service.

The price data from NaturalGasBuddy is based solely on gas prices reported by natural gas companies., a price tracking tool from, shows the average natural-Gas price in the United States for the past 30 days.

Gas Check is updated daily, on average, and provides prices for gas sold in the contiguous United States, as well as prices for all other fuel and liquefied natural gas.

Natural fuel prices can be volatile and vary by state, according a U.K.-based company, the Natural Gas Institute.

Natural Fuel Alliance said gas will rise in price for many people as the U