What the hell happened to the New Orleans Pelicans?

The New Orleans Saints have been struggling to find a consistent point guard.

With the addition of Buddy Hield to their bench, the team’s bench is looking for an answer to help the team win games.

The Pelicans have yet to find one.

They have struggled to score and defense has been a big problem.

Hield is a great fit for this team.

He is a scorer, rebounder, defender, rebound, and rebounder.

His defensive presence will help the Pelicans keep the defense in check.

Buddy Hesse has been great for the Pelicans.

The 6’9″ guard is a versatile defender and has been very good at both.

Hesse is not a great shooter, but he is very good on jump shots.

He has made a few jump shots at times, but not many.

He also is a strong defender and is known for making plays in traffic.

He can also defend multiple positions, and does a great job at protecting the ball.

Heney is a decent shooter and passer.

He plays great defense and is an extremely good rebounder for a point guard and also has the ability to shoot off the dribble.

Hede is a nice fit for the team and has shown he can make plays in the Pelicans’ system.

He does a nice job for them.

The team is looking to find an answer for their bench.

It has not been an easy task finding a point forward.

This team has been in the bottom third of the league in assists per game.

They are the worst in the league at allowing rebounds.

The bench has been struggling and has struggled to get any contributions.

The biggest issue is the lack of scoring.

The offense is a struggle and has yet to produce any shots.

The front office has been working hard to find some answers for the offense.

They brought in two big men in Willie Cauley-Stein and Zach LaVine.

LaVines ability to score will help this team offensively.

Cauly has been playing solid defense for the majority of the season, and LaVille’s defense has shown improvement.

The defense has also improved on offense.

Cinely has shown that he can score, and will be able to take over the offense if he continues to improve his defense.

La Vine has shown flashes of scoring this season, but that is not something the team has to rely on.

Cately is a quality defender and rebound specialist, and his ability to make plays will help them in many areas of the court.

This lineup has struggled defensively, but they have some young guys who are starting to play a big role for this organization.

The addition of Cauleys brother Willie Jr. should help the young Pelicans score.

Willie Jr is a good rebound guy and is a fantastic shooter.

He showed a lot of improvement offensively this season.

He will be a great contributor to this team and he is young and raw.

Willie Sr is an excellent defender and a great rebounder at the same time.

Willie will be an important contributor to the Pelicans offensive attack.

Willie has been able to make good plays defensively and is still improving on his offensive game.

Willie is a solid contributor to any team, but the team should be able the help him score this season if he keeps up his defense and continues to show improvement offensively.

The backcourt has been getting some attention from other teams as well.

The Los Angeles Lakers have shown interest in the team, and some rumors have surfaced about them wanting to trade for a player.

However, that team has not shown any interest in trading for a young player like Willie Sr. They would like to bring him in for a big contract, but this would not be the first time they have traded for a team’s young players.

Willie should be a solid fit in Los Angeles.

He needs to develop, and he has shown a lot in his first two years with the Lakers.

Willie can play on both ends of the floor and has a high basketball IQ.

Willie does a good job defensively and will help to improve the Lakers offense.

Willie would be a good fit in the frontcourt and will bring some big minutes to this offense.

The San Antonio Spurs have shown an interest in Willie Sr, and they are looking to trade him if he is not traded to them.

They could use a big scorer to get points, and Willie Sr has shown enough to make the team successful.

Willie was not a big part of their offense, and is not likely to score much this season as he continues his development.

The Spurs are looking for scoring.

San Antonio will need some help from their point guard in this upcoming season.

If they can find a point-guard who can score and is also a good defender, Willie Sr will help fill that void.

The trade of Willie Jr., and the trade of LaVie, will be huge for the San Antonio offense.

This will help their offense with a big man to score on and a big time defender.

Willie, LaVette,