Natural gas company to install natural gas pipeline under highway near St. Clair River

The natural gas company has received approval to install a natural gas pipe under a highway in western Ontario to reduce emissions from the controversial and controversial natural gas boom that has resulted in a spike in methane emissions.

The Natural Gas Canada Ltd.

said it will install the natural gas line and a water line under a road in St. Croix County, northwest of Windsor.

The company said it has been working with provincial and municipal officials to meet emission reduction targets.

The pipeline is expected to be ready for service in early 2020.

Natural Gas is also planning to build a natural-gas-based power plant in northern Ontario, with an expected start date of early 2021.

The province has not yet made an official announcement on the power plant.

“We are working with the province to ensure the natural-sourced power plants are built on the appropriate lands,” Natural Gas said in a statement.

The natural-fueled boom has led to massive emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas that can cause climate change.

Natural gas and coal are both made from methane and have long been used to power industrial facilities and power homes.

The gas boom has also spurred opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline project that would bring oil from Canada’s tar sands oil sands region to refineries in the U.S. The project has been delayed and the environmental review process is ongoing.

Natural-gas producers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland have also expressed concerns about the potential impacts of the natural fuel boom.

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said last month the government was looking at the “potential impacts of this boom” and was looking into whether it could be a “time bomb.”