How to stop Houston natural gas cars from getting out of Dodge

A new Texas law requiring natural gas vehicles to be equipped with “safety and emissions controls” has been blocked by a court ruling that the state failed to prove it had the required safety standards.

The Texas Natural Gas Association, a major industry group representing natural gas truck drivers, said the ruling, which was filed Monday, “was an affront to Texas taxpayers, who have already paid billions of dollars in fines to resolve the safety issues that have plagued Texas natural gas trucks for years.”

The association says it will appeal the ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

The Natural Gas Truck Association of Texas (NGTA), which represents about 20,000 natural gas drivers in Texas, called the ruling “a sad day for truck drivers.”

“The state of Texas must not let this issue be lost in the partisan politics of a few lawmakers,” NRTA Executive Director Jeff Miller said in a statement.

“Texas has a long history of protecting the rights of truck drivers to travel safely.”

Texas is a natural gas state.

The majority of natural gas is produced in the Powder River Basin in South Texas.