Natural gas is getting a lot of attention on Capitol Hill

The EPA has announced new rules that would require companies to capture methane emissions before they’re released to the atmosphere.

This would mean natural gas producers could now have to capture carbon dioxide and methane before releasing them to the air.

This has been an ongoing issue for a while.

In a press release from the EPA on Wednesday, the agency said:We know that natural gas companies are taking advantage of loopholes in our rules to move methane from storage facilities into our atmosphere.

We’re taking steps to make sure the methane emissions that are released from natural gas storage facilities don’t go into our environment, and that they can’t be transferred to other forms of power generation.

But this rule could also make it more difficult for companies to move natural gas out of the country.

We’ve been working with industry to develop a voluntary reporting requirement to make methane emissions voluntary and secure that we have the best system in place to prevent the release of methane to the environment.

The new rule is likely to face fierce opposition from environmental groups, who say that this is a backdoor way for companies like Enbridge to bypass regulations.

This is a serious blow to the American public’s ability to breathe clean air, and the EPA needs to do more to prevent this from happening.

This is a major step toward making natural gas energy more accessible, but it comes at a cost.

It’s already taking away the incentives for companies in the industry to make the transition from gas to renewables, and this new rule will only make it harder for that transition.

The rules are also likely to slow the transition for companies that are already struggling with the high cost of the natural gas.

We’ve already seen the impact of the methane rules on energy production, with energy companies in Colorado and North Dakota suffering from significant shortages, as well as energy suppliers like Energy Transfer Partners who have been forced to curtail their use of natural gas for heating and cooling.

This new rule would also impact the companies that will be able to make use of these new natural gas resources.

Natural gas companies that have already decided to switch from natural to renewable energy will still have access to these natural gas deposits.

But now that these rules have been announced, it’s clear that they are going to be a major challenge for the companies, which will have to transition quickly to a different form of energy production.

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