Natural gas prices are plummeting in the country

Natural gas is in the headlines once again, this time in India as prices are falling for the second time in a month. 

On December 15, prices of natural gas in the state of Uttar Pradesh were reduced by 8.5 per cent to Rs 1.75 per unit.

On December 18, the state government announced that natural gas prices in the district of Alwar, which lies close to the state capital, Lucknow, were cut by 20 per cent.

In December, the price of natural water was cut by 12.5 paise per 1,000 cubic metres to Rs 4.20 per 1.000 cubic meters.

In April, prices in Kerala’s Kannur district were cut 5 per cent in the first week of the month after the state announced the cut.

The latest drop in prices comes just two months after prices in other states were cut following the government’s announcement of price cuts.