Why you should care about natural gas emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering a rule that would limit the amount of methane gas released by natural gas producers in a region.

The rule would apply to all natural gas pipelines, as well as to natural gas storage facilities, but it would not affect pipelines in the state that make up much of the U.S. natural gas market.

The EPA is also considering rules to curb methane emissions from coal-fired power plants, the nation’s largest source of greenhouse gases.

In its announcement last week, the EPA said it is looking to develop a rule for a methane rule, but has not given a timetable.

The agency also has considered rules to reduce methane emissions and the use of methane as a fuel source in new coal-burning power plants.

While there is no federal rule currently in place to limit methane emissions, the U,S.

Department of Energy has been working to develop such a rule.

The U.K. Environmental Audit Office has also reported that natural gas has increased by 40 percent in the last 10 years.

In 2014, the European Union approved a ban on gas-fired electricity in Europe.

It was later repealed.